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To guarantee the correspondence of the contents of the online course developed within the project with the training needs of the target group, the partners have carried out a study of the current situation in the European countries regarding the training offers for educators and social workers regarding the sexuality of people with disabilities

The results of this study are presented in:

  • Best Practice Report, which analyses best practices from 28 European countries and provides first-hand information on the current situation in the EU. 
  • Survey focusing the adults who work and/or live with people with disabilities on a daily basis. Its aim is to involve the target group in the development of the course content and to confirm the obstacles encountered by people with disabilities in freely choosing their sexuality
  • Comprehensive report, which deals with the problems and needs faced daily by the project target group as well as ways of tackling them in the online course developed within the framework of the project

To download the Best Practice Report, click here. click here.

To download the Comprehensive Survey Report, click here. click here.

Special Intimacy Needs Educator

"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life".Emma Thompson

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